This Photoshopped World

When Sheila read my post entitled My Life as a Fraud, she told me she really liked it. Then her inner editor added: "About that last paragraph..." While my fraud post hinted at darker moments, the challenges I cited were minor, day-in-the-life issues that we all run into. In some ways, that was the point. But that was also another layer of deception, a [...]

Are you programmed to receive?

Are you programmed to receive?

It suddenly struck me tonight that I needed to post something TODAY! On Earth Day 2014! So here goes... Only last week I was questioning whether one-time or annual events intended to raise environmental awareness -- Earth Day, Lights Out Hour and other well-meaning initiatives -- really matter. Many argue that such events merely preach to the converted, while allowing less [...]

11 Books I Like

Another of my not a best-of lists. Just 11 great books that I feel are worth reading. This is my second List-of-10 that turned into a List-of-11 at the last minute, and it dawned on me that 11 is my favourite number... so why fight it? What do you think of these books? What are some others [...]