10 thoughts on “There’s Always a Flip Side

  1. I really appreciate your candidness about this Mark. I didn’t know much about Tourettes in the first place so it was interesting to me that after having mostly left it behind as an adult that it would return as a manifestation of anxiety.

    Good for you for being willing to work thru the discomfort until you found clarity and made a decision to move forward. Anxiety is a huge part of growth. It comes with the territory. Incredible that just moving thru that could make the physical symptoms disappear.

    Good luck on the next stages of your journey


    1. Thanks Lowry. This is definitely a self-diagnosis, but the shoe seems to fit. I was quite amazed by the sudden passing of my symptoms following the breakthrough in terms of life direction. The mind is such a powerful thing.


    1. Thanks Paula. It was one of the most profound transformations I’ve ever felt — and a great relief after many days of struggle.


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