39 Days

39 days and 39 ways
To challenge my mind in a confined space
4 people in 19 feet of camper van bliss

39 days and 39 rays
Of sunshine beating down upon my face
It doesn’t get more real than this

We follow the yellow line
We follow our hearts
We follow the road to where she starts

We’re living the dream
Or so it seems
To he who can’t imagine life beyond 2 weeks on the beach in Cancun

39 days of water pumps and sewage dumps
Of cell phone woes
Of highs and lows
As a celebrated guest, a tolerated pest, or something in between

39 days to sing the praise
Of every small town in BC
From coffee shops to local hops
I work my chops to be the best that I can be

39 days
39 days
39 days to live, to learn, to roam
39 days to find our way back home

Thanks British Columbia! It’s been an amazing journey.

12 thoughts on “39 Days

  1. Congratulations! A job very well done! Now time to settle in at home for a short while at least!
    Love you all! Will see you soon!


    1. Thanks Gordon. There certainly are many great memories! And a few not-so-great ones too, but we’ll try to forget those. 🙂


  2. What a poet you turned out to be!! Congratulations on successfully driving all those miles and fulfilling your plans to bring your book to all those towns. All good wishes, Love Ruth


  3. Congratulations, all you four intrepid literary travelers. You made it! Something to remember forever, I’m sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


  4. Something magic about that 40 day mark… it’s about getting that quality time whether you need it or not. 😉 Congrats!


    1. Thanks! Yes, the 40 day mark is quite astonishing. Feels like only yesterday that we were in Grand Forks!


  5. I love it! I can see your journey and feel the richness of the experience in all its varied pieces. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on stepping out and sharing your art.


    1. Thank you, Sarah! I am enjoying this exploration into a new art form. Hope all is well in the southern sun!


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