Mark Cameron

I am a passionate and versatile writer and author of two novels. I am also a book designer and publishing consultant with a deep understanding of the independent publishing process, from concept to production to distribution.

My first two novels, Goodnight Sunshine (2015) and 17 Weddings (2018), were both shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Awards. In recent years I have worked in a variety of genres, including poetry, songwriting, and playwriting. I am currently working on a Young Adult speculative fiction duology, and I am about to pursue an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the University of King’s College in Halifax.

17 Weddings
Goodnight Sunshine

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Who’s Judging Whom?

A few days ago, one of my Facebook posts went viral—at least by my not-so-lofty standards of social media reach (88 shares is roughly 85 more than my previous record). When I first noticed my post was attracting an audience, it felt like I’d downed half a dozen shots of Southern Comfort. My insides felt…


It’s been almost two months since I escaped a flaming ferris wheel, taking leave from the carnival where opinions circulate amidst truths, lies, and everything in between. I had long been a passive participant at the Facebook Fair, ducking in and out of its various houses. I found the fun house enjoyable and silly, while…

Shot Down In a Blaze of Glory

This morning I was called an arrogant dink and a pompous ass. I figured it would come down to this. I might have even deserved it. In the past few weeks, I’ve engaged in social media like never before. Called to both listen and speak out, I went deeper than I have ever gone in…

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