Who’s Judging Whom?

A few days ago, one of my Facebook posts went viral—at least by my not-so-lofty standards of social media reach (88 shares is roughly 85 more than my previous record). When I first noticed my post was attracting an audience, it felt like I’d downed half a dozen shots of Southern Comfort. My insides felt warm, and I was kind of giddy. But it didn’t take long before queasiness set in, and by the next day I felt the dull fog of a hangover.


It’s been almost two months since I escaped a flaming ferris wheel, taking leave from the carnival where opinions circulate amidst truths, lies, and everything in between. I had long been a passive participant at the Facebook Fair, ducking in and out of its various houses. I found the fun house enjoyable and silly, while […]

Shot Down In a Blaze of Glory

This morning I was called an arrogant dink and a pompous ass. I figured it would come down to this. I might have even deserved it. In the past few weeks, I’ve engaged in social media like never before. Called to both listen and speak out, I went deeper than I have ever gone in […]


Pandemic Pandemonium

It’s times like these you learn to live againIt’s times like these you give and give againIt’s times like these you learn to love againIt’s times like these time and time again Times Like These, Foo Fighters There has never been a time quite like this. And yet we are trapped in a cycle within […]


Finding my place between mediocrity and perfectionism In this society where ambition is celebrated and achievements are worn as badges, the quest for perfection seems like an honourable pursuit. Who hasn’t told a prospective employer — or anyone else they wish to impress — that they are a “perfectionist”? There are countless studies and articles […]

Full Bookshelf

Reading it Forward

Sometimes I stare at my growing To-Be-Read stack and wonder how many books it would take to break a 3/4″ wooden shelf. I fear that I might wake up one night to the crashing sound of dust — that one speck that breaks the threshold of my shelf’s resistive strength and causes the entire mass […]

On Fact, Fiction and Vulnerability

This book wasn’t supposed to be scary. When I set out to write 17 Weddings, I intended to put some space between myself and my writing. I was determined to avoid the depth of self-reflection that I’d experienced while writing my debut novel, Goodnight Sunshine. I hadn’t intended my Goodnight Sunshine protagonist to be a […]


Where’s My Undo Button?

What an education this self-publishing journey is. Sigh… As I was about to post an exciting new review of 17 Weddings to my Facebook page, I saw a message from a friend saying that she’d already received a paperback copy of the book. Normally, I would be thrilled to hear that — except that it’s […]

17 Weddings

Milestones and Baby Steps

It’s been so long since my last post that I should probably call this a cobwebsite. Okay, that was terrible. But seriously … for the past nine months, my blog has been an exercise in futility. A reflection of my fragmented existence. Too many projects and priorities chattering away in my mind, battling for precedence, […]

Spirit of Canada concert

Well, That was Lovely!

Well, that was lovely. With those four simple words, John Mann summed up an incomparable evening and an amazing career. On a damp Sunday night in November, in a Vancouver ballroom teeming with music and love, forty-five of Canada’s most talented musicians came together to pay homage to a falling comrade. When John Mann took […]


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